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The human form has been an unending source of beauty and inspiration. I am particularly inspired by the physical differences that characterize the many cultures that surround me. At the same time, I am continually amazed by the similarities of beauty, strength and vulnerability that these cultures share. 

I work in clay, cast paper, forton and coldcast bronze, often adding color with oxides, underglazes, glazes and oils. There are many exciting sculptural processes and I continue to explore the field. My figures and portraits range from sketches to life-size figures and I sculpt in relief as well as in the round.

As a working sculptor for over thirty years, I have shown in several California galleries and exhibitions. My pieces are in collections in the United States, South America and Europe. I have been an instructor at City College of San Francisco's Fort Mason Campus, teaching life sculpture in the Older Adults Department and conducting raku workshops. Since the Fort Mason Campus's unfortunate closing, a group of former artists and teachers have been working to create a non-profit art school,  Fort Mason Artists (FMA).  In January, 2022, we started our classes in drawing, painting and sculpture at a charming venue in San Francisco's Miraloma District.

You can contact me about my work at

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